Who We Are

“In wildness is the preservation of the world”
Henry David Thoreau

There are very few places left on this earth like Maine. Maine is blessed with a rich diversity of natural beauty, abundant wildlife and a quality of life that pulls us all back to a place we call home. For decades, Maine has long symbolized what’s good about life, has been a leader in environmental advocacy, and has withstood the ravages of empty progress that has afflicted too many. In short, Maine has held its own, kept its wits about it and not been lured by the well-funded promises of corporate progress that have tried their hand at making Maine another line on its balance sheet.

But once again, Maine is faced with the threat of well-financed and highly influential business and political interest working tirelessly to rip apart the very fabric that makes Maine, Maine. From industrial wind development, to the East-West corridor, to pipelines flowing with tar sands, to mining in our northernmost region, Maine’s environment and its quality of life are under attack. Unless we stand up and fight for this place we call home, those who see life through the lens of profit and loss, a stock price, or political gain will relegate Maine to a numerical value, leave us with empty promises, and wounds that will never heal.

Saving Maine is ready to work with anyone willing to take on these powerful interests. We commend all of you who are currently engaged in the fight and are prepared to lend our voice and our resources to the growing chorus saying Maine is not for sale.

Saving Maine is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on educating Mainers and those who love Maine about the environmental threats Maine faces and the consequences of losing the fight to preserve it. All of our funding is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of our statewide media campaigns and public outreach programs.

We welcome your support.

Michael Bond, Chairperson
Richard McDonald, President & Director of Communications

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